UPS Lite v1.1 feedback

have made some test with my UPS lite v1.1 module ( 400 mAh )
from my first tests :

  1. yes can charge and use at the same time
  2. can run pwnagotchi for around 3 h

temp run to 52° a little warm , to keep in mind when design a 3D printed case beware , LiPo battery don’t like to be hot :slight_smile:

for me it’s a good deal , because UPS lite is tiny and 3 h autonomous is not so bad

that mean that pwnagotchi consume aroung 134 mA / hour , hope this info help you choosing battey packs


Hi, I want to share my experience, bought 2 ups lite from Aliexpress.

Datasheet report a re-charging value of max 400mA @ 5V, I don’t have micro usb power adapter with that value so I use an adapter with output value of max 850mA @ 5.1V

So my first battery stop working after 3 days: it is quickly discharged and the green LED lights up when the battery is not fully charged.
Maybe the wrong charging current? I checked every power adapter I had but none of this supply the right current

The second is still working atm but I always charge with usb cable connected to pc :stuck_out_tongue:

As @BeBoXoS said the temperature rises easily, in fact I noticed that you can’t carry the pwnagotchi+ups_upslite in your pocket for a long time, the temperature even reaches 57 °

Also if you charge the battery while raspberry is on, the temperature rise fast

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One question I have about this: Can you use the data port on the zero board while the UPS battery is on and supplying the zero with power? From the documentation it sounded like ostensibly the UPS-lite’s usb port was supposed to allow a data connection, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

yes for sure :slight_smile: UPS lite have his own microSD charge port

It does, but it is Serial thru the pi’s RX and TX pins using the ups’s usb-uart converter. Unfortunately, in the default pwnagotchi build the Uart pins are being ‘hogged’ unnecessarily by the waveshare libraries. Hopefully it will be fixed in future versions. until then there is a diy patch…


Thanks! It worked. I was afraid there would be some issue with power being supplied from 2 places at the same time. But it looks like getting power from the battery and connecting the data port is not in fact producing magic smoke.