Wanted: Teamup on a set of plugins

Plugin 1: seasonal faces

  • for instance: halloween
  • xmas
  • (pick your poison)
  • I’ve started collected appropriate kaomojis

Plugin 2: ui informational

  • IP/connection status when net available.
  • more specific info on BT connection
  • same for net availability
  • FAIL/ERROR or notifications on face (only CRIT errors)

Plugin 3: non-connected peer to connected peer data offloading

  • nothing heavy
  • maybe ntp query
  • pwngrid check-in
  • other?
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Just my 2 cents: there’s not a lot of space on the display, displaying everything might just make it unreadable.

for the faces, what about using the config? https://github.com/evilsocket/pwnagotchi/blob/master/pwnagotchi/defaults.yml#L172

Agree – wasn’t planning on overload.
Just need to think of the best way to make the info displayed more useful(for whomever wants it).
While still retaining the core functionality for those who only need the face/uptime/pwn stats, etc.


  • I’ve started there, just need to code how to allow users to specify different faces as required.

Can I create for instances an array:

  • faces_halloween or
  • faces_xmas

… and user can specify that in config, and they’re called instead of the default faces

What about including another config that holds the faces?

Doesn’t the underlying OS already perform that function when it detects internet? Unless it’s on a timer and happened to be connected at the time…

My Pi0W has reported correct time when logging into it (no RTC), so at some point it has to update time itself…