Waveshare V.2 Rev2.1 Display Not Working

Config.yml set to waveshare_2 but no output. Is my panel a new revision and not yet supported? I am new to the project so I am happy to accept any suggestions or criticism.

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Default config should work with that, dont need to change your config.

Is Rev2.1 possibly a new panel revision? I have not seen Rev2.1 on any posted pictures. I get zero output on panel.

what color was the tab on the screen protector?
Im like 90% sure that is a tricolor model

This is what an actual b/w v2 looks like, removed the screen protector already but its red on v2 screens

Its a v2, the place of the sticker is different.


Just did a verification check, it’s most likely the 3-color hat, not the bw one… Note the chips on the right, the ones from @Arttumiro is the BW version.

Tab/Sticker was red color.

Well that is not like any other waveshare i have seen before
red tab means that its a b/w waveshare v2

Where was the sticker? was it like this? image

Yes, hanging off the side. I removed red tab and left plastic screen protector in place. I am attaching, a screenshot of my order page. SKU 12915.

The b/w 2.13 is a 12672, no matter if its v1 or v2
as seen here

One of the things I should note here: When you boot up, please give it 3-5 minutes to fully load the program. Hint: Light should be solid green, not rapid blinking.

The 12915 is the BW version of the screen :wink:

ah okay, maybe that is just the sku of the individual screen module and not the hat

12672 = BW screen
12915 = BW screen + hat

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Yes, I have let it sit powered while watching the green activity light. Does not matter how long I wait, there is no output on panel. Again, config.yml is set to ‘waveshare_2’.

I still have never seen this board design, i asked the waveshare section on slack for help figuring this out

That should work, unless there is another issue with the pwnagotchi itself. Have you checked the output of the log? You can find that by connecting to the usb ethernet output and see what it does?

I will try access log tomorrow.

I have the same board and it’s a B/W screen. Mine is working with the default config.

@8bitmega Did you solder the Pi’s GPIO pins yourself? If so, that’s where I’d start checking, giving it a look over to make sure everything is making contact and taking an iron to anything that looks suspect.