Waveshare V2 Rev2.1 Display Fails: "snow" glitch full screen

Hi all, this is my first post. I included a photo of the issue I’m encountering - basically the display will only display snow, like when analog cable used to go out and you’d only see black and white snow on the TV.

I removed the 8-pin header on the display to slim it down, and I’m using GPIO to connect it to the RPi0W. I did not solder all male GPIO pins to the Pi, I only soldered the pins required per the pinout of the Waveshare.

I am using a Rev.2.1 display and a PiSugar battery. This issue occurs when I use an external battery, so bypassing the PiSugar doesn’t resolve anything.

I’m really frustrated because no one seems to have display issues - but here we are. …Could this be a faulty board? I can’t imagine removing the 8-pin header would have caused this? Waveshare support offered no assistance.

Would it be beneficial to solder all male header pins onto my Pi even though the display pinout only uses 8 pins? I just want my pwnagotchi to have a face and I truly do not want to spend another $20 + 1 month waiting on a new display before I know for certain this one is faulty. :confused:
Pi0 - 1
Pi0 - 2

Hey bud I think I may be having a very similar issue. Does your 'gotchi do fine when powered via the micro USB? With the PiSugar physically removed? 'cuz mine does.

Still not at any resolution to this. I made my own thread trying to explain this just hours ago.

Check it out:

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PS - removing the pin header did not cause this assuming that you didnt bridge anything in the process. From the res of the pic you posted it is hard to tell, but looks decent.

I have built 7+ pwnagotchi using this hardware config and never had an issue before.

Here’s a higher resolution photo - it’s covered in kapton tape to prevent potential bridges, but all is well & no apparent bridging on those pads the header was attached to.

…I had even wondered if using chipquik (I don’t care for copper braid unless I’m cleaning things up) for several minutes on the pins I was desoldering caused a temperature issue that caused the display glitch - I didn’t test the board before I chipped-off the header so I’ll never know.
I’m probably stretching here. // edit: typos

That’s wild. Thanks for linking to your thread…

I have not completely removed the PiSugar 900 yet. I’ve bypassed it by powering the Pi with an Anker external, but it didn’t fix the issue. (While I did that, the PiSugar contacts were still making contact with the Pi even though the PiSugar battery wasn’t turned on.)

I’ll update if removing the PiSugar fixes anything - but so far I have never seen my critter’s face. Just glitch.

The pads look good to me. nothing obviously wrong there.

Pro tip for removing the pin header. Dont bother desoldering the traditional way. Start on the right most leg - heat it up with the iron and just “push it” off the pad to the right. Move from right to left bending the legs to the right. Once you get them all bend off the pads move to the sides. Heat up one side and lift gently…at that point you warm up the other side and the header just falls right off. Took me a few gotchi’s to figure this tech out. I can remove headers cleanly in like 15 seconds now. The first one took me probably 30 mins to get off perfectly. Finally I touch all the pads just to get the left over solder level and it ends up looking perfect.

ANYWAY… I digress.

Yeah - remove the PiSugar and see if the systems powers up. You might want to reimage at this point just to be safe if you have ahd a bunch of failed boots…the default image config.yml already has the waveshare v2 turned on.

I dont know how or why, but I am left with no other ideas than to think it could some how be the PiSugar. I have another one coming tomorrow so I can test that theory then.

Good luck and please keep (me at least) us informed.

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I have also thought about soldering all 40 pins just for kicks because I have not totally ruled out something changing on the Rev 2.1 waveshare…

Today I’m going to do this …

  1. remove the PiSugar completely (I have to dremmel-cut 2 male GPIO pins, because I mistakenly soldered them to the PiSugar pads as well as the Pi before I tested, and for the life of me I cannot desolder them now)

  2. If this doesn’t resolve the glitching I’ll put in all 40 pins incase the Waveshare Rev.2.1 pinout has changed

…will update after that. I bookmarked your thread too in case you figure something out :+1:

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I got a new Pi Sugar coming tomorrow and I also will solder all 40 pins tonight. Between those two things we should be able to narrow it down or figure it out.

Ok man…this makes NO SENSE but I have made progress.

I soldered all 40 pins…and BAM the waveshare works with the PiSugar.

no idea how or why, but i now know that I have a spare waveshare cause I though one was bad.

I hope you are able to report the same results! Gonna comment on my thread too just to bring some closure or to have someone smarter than me explain why.

Good luck!