Waveshare27inch screen

I setup on a RPi 3B
and it works fine. (no screen)

I put a waveshare27inch onto the RPi and set the display to the “waveshare27inch” and it displays!

Great. But anytime there is an update to the screen, the waveshare screen blinks fullscreen black, fullscreen white, white lettering on black, then black lettering on white screen.

This does this for all screen updates.

I tried changing refresh rates, FPS, fastAndFuruious and other settings for the screen. Nothing seems to work and the screen keeps blinking.

Anyone have any ideas ?

ALSO, when you shut the power off on the RPi, the 2.7inch display stays on the screen. I disconnected the hat from the RPi and it stays on the screen. Anyone have any ideas on how to clear this upon power down?


This is common with e-ink screens: They only draw power when changing state.

Concerning your screen updates: check if fps is set to 0?

I set it to fps: 0.0 no difference. The change was in the config.yaml file.

For grins and giggles, I changes the FPS to a higher number, still no difference.

thanks for the information about the e-ink screens. :frowning: guess I need to pull the power when the screen is white and cleared.

I saw in a post here (#272) where someone went in to the /usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/inky/inky.py file and removed the all black screen from the file. ouch ! That seems a little drastic, ,but was also wondering if others went this route and if it worked for them ?

thanks again for your or others replies.


Ok, I posted a short video on how the screen blinks


Please let me know if this is normal ? A friend built his with the normal suggested hardware and I never saw his screen blink like this.

thanks to all.


I met up with some people last night who also have created a Pwnagotchi. Some with the Pi 0 others with the Pi 3, 3B and other flavors.

I guess, that the rolling of the screen is normal with the e-paper hats? It seems to me that this “could” be accomplished better.

I’ll play with some setting and other things and post my findings to try and get the rolling minimalized.

thanks to all.