WIndows ethernet adapter did not show up

Dear people,

Ive recently bought a Zero w and flashed the recent image of pwnagotchi with Etcher.

I created a config YAML file in the boot partition with the config of the website, ( with the right changes of course).

I used a quality micro usb cable in the data port. and a quality mircro sd card

the pi booted, gave a green led, windows sees it but after 3-4 hours of letting it generate its RSA keys the interface didn’t show up.

Ive been on slack with the same question/story only to get the info for a linux host.

Can someone help, or at least explain to me how to add a static ip to a interface that didn’t yet showed up on windows if that’s possible?

Thanks in advance.


Have you installed the RNDIS driver?

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I just looked in device management and discovered it wasn’t installed.

I googled the driver but get only weird social engineering help articles or microsoft docs, is there a way to download it from mircrosoft’s servers/websites?

Cause google crawls content i don’t need.

Thanks ^^

Which ver of Windows are you using?

This seems like a legit enough source for Win 7:

Thanks for this,

Im using win 10.