I´m D3B14N and I´m from Mexico, here in my country and all the rest of latin countries, we have lousy routers by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the almost of those router has WPS enabled by default and these has a general pin that we can included in this I.A. that it can identify those router for model or maybe for SSID and inject that pin to get the password of that router and if that fails we can try to get that handshake. These can be a great idea because we can reduce time to decipher the handshakes.

For example:
The router UBEE has by default the wps pin 12345670 and it´s so easy to get its password.

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Getting a handshake is usually much easier than getting a WPS. WPS usually takes somewhere from 1 hour to 25 hours, since you need to bruteforce it rather than sniffing the code. There are some ways to do this, and also can be found online, but bruteforcing is illegal compared to recording a broadcast…

an other approach with out cracking by brute force is to use a smart approach :slight_smile:

example (pwnagotchi need to be connected to internet via BT tethering for example) and send a request with AP MAC adress to https://wpsfinder.com/wps-pin-generator then get result witch is default factory WPS pin then script a try to connect with resulted pin response .

other ressource like to help https://offensivecommunity.net/showthread.php?tid=1524

Why use a generator if you can also do if offline?

But yeah, should be a good plugin :smiley:


yes could be a great plug in :slight_smile: